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Model system integrat

Precise and effective temperature management.
Significantly increasing producitvity.

For this trend-setting procedure of dynamic mould cavity temperature-control gwk is using the new integrat evolution from its integrat-family, which is known to be innovative. It uses several integrat components. The technology of the integrat 4D is used for the close-to-cavity arrangement of the temperature-control channels in the mould. The energy-saving, individual regulation of the water-quantity per cooling channel for the cooling stage is done by the integrat direct. The new integrat process control is responsible for communication and regulation between the heating and cooling elements.
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Model teco
Choosing the right temperature controller
Water/oil ? direct/indirect cooling

The question of the correct temperature controller comes up again and again for plastics processors.
gwk temperature controllers of model teco are made to customers specifications and cover a wide scope of services up to high temperatures.
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Model teco cs

Economical and efficient temperature control.
Up to high mould temperatures.
teco cs Designed for water temperatures up to 160 °C with indirect cooling the temperature controllers of the gwk?teco cs series?are the?ideal all-round quipment for cost conscious injection moulders.
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Model teco cw
Ice cold water for hot mould segments.
Producing high quality cost effective parts.
teco cw The gwk teco cw is a most economic system to extract heat from consumers at very low temperatures by patented cold water temperature control.
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Model teco tt and teco th

Hot applications require perfect solutions.
teco tt As a rule, gwk temperature controllers that are designed for operation with heat carrying oil are used for circulation temperatures above 200°C

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teco tt | teco th

Model tecma
Without limits into new dimensions.
Water up to 260 °C, oil up to 350 °C, heating capacities electrically up to 300 kW are typical requirements?for the frame mounted temperature controllers of?the gwk series tecma.

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tecma wh/whx

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