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To comply with strict quality requirements PILOT-TEC reactors are manufactured predominatly of the proven DURAN borosilicate glass 3.3. This provides operators with visual control of the progress of reactions and, thanks to the corrosion resistance of DURAN glass, there are virtually no restrictions on the reaction substances which may be handled.
The maximum permissible operating temperature for glass vessels is 200 °C. Enammeled steel reactors can be operated in heating jackets at increased pressure to achieve a higher guaranteed temperature change resistance of 90 K and unjacketed reaction vessels 120 K.
The vessels can be used under vacuum without any restrictions. Cylindrical vessels are made with hemispherical bottoms ("round bottomed") or dished bottoms ("semi-ellipsoid"). Suitable vessel covers are available for every type of vessel. Necks can be fitted to suit customers' requirements subject to any manufacturing limitations. These can be KF System, threaded end, ground cone and socket.

For applications which call for a run-off zone without dead space a version is available with a flange coupled bottom outlet valve which can be pneumatically or manually operated and which has overtightening protection.

Jacketed vessels are basically welded to form a one-piece component. Special versions with separate jacket or additional vacuum jacket can be supplied to special order.Jacketed and cylindrical vessels can be supplied with graduations on request. In the case of jacketed vessels, the graduation is on the inner vessel.
PILOT-TEC reactors can be combined at will with components from the extensive PILOT-TEC and/or SCHOTT modular systems.