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QVF, at the request and with the involvement of customers in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Fine Chemicals sectors has developed a Cryogenic Reactor Package in close collaboration with Oxford Instruments plc, a leading specialist in the field of cryogenic control equipment. The package resulting from this joint effort is now enabling chemists to carry out pilot scale reactions under accurately controlled conditions at both low and elevated temperatures in the one reactor.
The combination of QVF's pilot plant technology with Oxford's unrivalled cryogenic experience offers complete turnkey entry to thermally controllable reaction conditions.

The Reactor

Reliability, cleanliness and safety have all been key requirements during the development of this unique product. The reactor is fully independent with an integral Heat/Chill system requiring only electricity and nitrogen to operate. The use of Borosilicate Glass and virgin PTFE as standard materials of construction for all wetted parts ensures maximum corrosion resistance. inertness to the widest range of chemicals, ease of cleaning and enables visual monitorning of process indicators.

Production managers at our existing QVF cryogenic reactor installations are now able to control rapid reactions, and to protect thermally labile products in an inert environment: this means safer, more predicatable production of valuable products.

Key features
. Reactor temperature range -80 °C to + 150 °C
. Reactor capacities 10L to 300L
. Rapid cool down/heat up rates
. Accurately controlled steady state operation
. Control / data logging / alarm system
. Integral heat/chill facility
. Corrosion resistant
. Preassembled prior to despatch
. Existing units in pharmaceutical production