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With PILOT-TEC™ distillation and rectification units, liquid mixtures can be separated continuously or batchwise at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum.
Inert and corrosion resistant: For the most part these distillation units are constructed in DURAN, the proven borosilicate glass 3.3 developed by Otto Schott. This permits visual monitoring of the process and the chemical resistance of DURAN ensures the units can be used with virtually any mixture of process materials.
Wide scope of application: The units can be used at temperatures up to a maximum of 200 °C. They are suitable for unlimited vacuum operation and can be equipped for use in explosion-proof areas.

Good thermal properties: PILOT-TEC columns are fitted with sealed-in and silvered vacuum jackets (< 1 Pa) as standard. A sight strip is provided to permit monitoring operations inside the column. The column sections can also be supplied with heating jackets. Electrical heating of the column sections is also possible as an alternative.

Modular system facilitates modification: PILOT-TEC distillation units can be modified at will using components from the comprehensive PILOT-TEC or SCHOTT component ranges.

Full automation possible: A modular system is available for visualisation and process control. It can be expanded from simple acquistion of process data up to full process management.