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The PILOT-TEC Automated Laboratory Unit

The PILOT-TEC Automated Laboratory Unit is compact and fully automated plant designed for scale-up, process optimisation or full-scale production of small quantities.

The process management system has a convenient graphical user interface under WINDOWS; it is graphic recipe driven and programmed, making the PILOT-TEC Automated Laboraory Unit easy to operate.


Using weighing modules which operate to an accuracy of 0.1 g, precisely operating dosing pumps and easy-to-use recipe control, the PILOT-TEC Automated Laboratory Unit produces the products you require in exact accordance with your indications, fully automatically, reproducibly and continuously.
With the PILOT-TEC Automated Laboratory Unit's convenient process management system you have access to all the process data, so that you can display, for example, temperature profiles and mass and energy balances or carry out further processing of the data using an EXCEL spreadsheet. For carrying out material balances conveint interfaces are available using, for example, standard HPLC test vessels.

The PILOT-TEC Automated Laboratory Unit can be expanded on a modular basis to the Miniplant. Using our extensive range of components (e.g. falling film and thin film evaporators to handle sensitive products) the Automated Laboratory Unit can grow to meet your requirements and specifications right up to the status of a complex and networkable Miniplant.

The PILOT-TEC Automated Laboratory Unit quickly pays for itself. Several of our customers have reported amortisation in as little as half a year.

PILOT-TEC Miniplant: Process management system

PILOT-TEC Miniplants are highly automated plants, which grow to meet the customer's requirements. The FIX-DMACS system used for PILOT-TEC Miniplants in conjunction with MISTIC 200 components provides, with the hardware and software components, a high performance and expandable process management system offering a high degree of user convenience. The Miniplant's expandable support structure provides significant performance and system reserves to cater for the possible incorporation of further systems. PILOT-TEC Miniplantscan be operated from any location with Ehthernetnetworked PCs.

The principal features of the standard and applications software are:
- Object orientated process visualisation under WINDOWS with menus and windows using icons,
- Trend display, on-line display of process data with zoom function,
- Graphics editor as development tool to set up and speed up the user interface, possibility of using dynamic symbols and an integrated command language,
- Collection and display of historical process data,
- Exchange of data with other WINDOWS programs (e.g. EXCEL, WORD),
- Graphical recipe processing and programming, storage of current process conditions in recipes, loading of data and parameters from recipes,
- Software modules for basic process engineering operations (e.g dosing, heating, stirring),
- Different access levels and user levels,
- Alarm handling, supervision of critical process conditions, recording.