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PILOT-TEC Solid/Liquid Extraction Units

In PILOT-TEC solid/liquid extraction units components can be selectively extracted from solid mixtures using a suitable solvent. There is a choice of two processes for this type of extraction: cold extraction and hot extraction. Hot extraction differs from cold extraction in taht in the former the solvent is first heated up in temperature controlled preheater.

The following methods of operation can be used with both processes:
- Straight-through extraction
- Overflow extraction
- Soxhlet extraction

After completion of the extraction process the extract can be further purified by distilling off the solvent.

Operating conditions: Pressure: Vacuum, normal pressure
Temperature: < 150 °C
Main components:
- Evaporation vessel: 6 I spherical vessel with 1700 Watt safety heating mantle and temperature control,
- DN 50 packed column, H = 1000 mm,
- Condenser with 0.3 m2 heat transfer area,
- Extraction vessel with insert for 3 I of material to be extracted,
- Receiver vessel: 6 I spherical vessel,
- Product cooler: Coil type heat exchanger with 0.03 m2 heat transfer area,
- 250 W preheater with temperature control(only for hot extraction),
- PILOT-TEC support structure,
- Dimensions (length x width x height):1000 x 600 x 3000 m
Other sizes and customer-specific versions can also be supplied

PILOT-TEC Pulsed Extractor

Pulsed extractors are used for liquid/liquid extraction processes requiring a large number of separation stages. In the PILOT-TEC pulsed extractor the two phases pass counter-current through a glass column packed preferably with porcelain saddles. A pulsing unit is connected to the bottom of the column to intensify the dispersion between the phases and assist mass transfer. The optimum process parameters can be achieved by varying the amplitude and frequency of pulsation

Basic version:
- Glass column preferably packed with porcelain saddles(bore 50 mm, packed height 2500 mm),
- Pulsing unit: - Max. stroke volume: 53cm3, - Frequency:25-180 rpm, - Amplitude: 0-15 mm,
- Dosing pumps 2 x 25 I/h,
- Vessels 4 x 25 I,
- PILOT-TEC support structure,
- Dimensions (length x width x height):1150 x 950 x 4000 m.

Other sizes (column up to DN 100) and customer-specific versions can also be supplied.

PILOT-TEC Single stage Mixer-Settler

For research and carrying out liquid/liquid extraction processes that require a small number of separation stages units operating on the mixer-settler principle are the preferred type. The PILOT-TEC single stage mixer-settler illustrated above can be used to separate materials dissolved in solutions. The material to be extracted must be insoluble in the solution and must be of different density.

For continuous extraction the single stage mixer-settler comprises:

- a mixing chamber with turbine stirrer, in which the phase interface required for mass transfer is produced by dispersion,
- a horizontally arranged settler zone which is separated from the mixing chamber by a double weir and
- a phase separation zone in which the separation level can be accurately set by means of an adjustable height run-off pipe for the heavy phase.

In a multi-stage arrangement the suction effect of the stirrer is utilised to transfer the phases from stage to stage. The stirrer drive unit can be an electric motor with digital speed indicator or a compressed air drive with explosion-proofed digital speed indicator.
The PILOT-TEC single stage mixer-settler can be supplied in DN 50, DN 80 and DN 100 sizes. The mixing chamber, setting zone and phase separation zone can be fitted with heating jackets.

As the materials of construction used are DURAN glass, PTFE, PFA and fluorinated elastomers, PILOT-TEC single stage mixer-settlers will withstand corrosion by virtually any type of material being handled.

PILOT-TEC Mixer-Settler Units

PILOT-TEC Mixer-Settler Units comprise two or more mixer-settler stages, a double glass dosing pump, 4 feed/receiver vessels ( 15 I or 25 I), PILOT-TEC support structure and drip tray. To increase the separation effect of multi-stage mixer-settler units, PILOT-TEC single stage mixer-settlers are linked up in counter-current arrays, i.e. the phases in the process are fed in at opposing ends.