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Polymer research systems can be categorized into a number of logical groups based upon an end user’s research and development goals. These goals drive everything in the design of the system.  The degree of instrumentation, system size and through put, batch versus continuous design, daily  versus  24/7 operation, and product recovery and purification.  The reasons that end users build and operate polymer research systems vary from catalyst development to product and market development. In between these two extremes lie technical service, catalyst screening, and process development.  These research goals loosely define the range in physical size and throughput of polymer systems.

Catalyst Development Units

A Catalyst Development Units design  revolves around the manufacturing of small batches of new catalysts. CDU’s are typically small in scale, made from esoteric materials due to typically aggressive chemistry and are operated in batch mode.  These systems are normally designed to closely model the bench/lab scale procedure.

Catalyst Screening Units

Catalyst screening systems are designed to rapidly carry out small scale polymerization’s using the catalysts developed in Catalyst Development Units. CSU’s are also used by companies to compare commercially available catalysts.

Process Development Units

Process development units are used to commercialize a new polymer or a new process for an existing polymer. This equipment needs to be of sufficient size to facilitate the scale up to commercial scale.  These units tend to be fairly highly instrumented to allow for the collection of data required for process scale up.

Product/Market Development Units

Product and Market development systems are built to develop new products for new or existing markets as well as new markets for new and existing products. These systems are sized to produce enough material to supply a company’ customers with marketing samples for product evaluation.

Polymer Catalyst Development Pilot Plant
High Activity Polyolefin Catalyst Development System
Solution Polymerization Pilot Plant
Solution Polymerization System, Catalyst Screening
Gas Phase Polyolefin Pilot Plant
Fluid Bed Gas Phase Polyolefin Catalyst Screening System
Solution Polymerization Pilot Plant
Solution Polymerization System, Process Development
Solution Polymerization System, Process Development
Poly Propylene Market Development System
Fluid Gas Phase/Bulk Phase Polyolefin System, Market Development
EPDM Pilot Plant
EPDM Solution Polymerization System, Product Development