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the company

Unitel, an Illinois corporation was established in 1996 to focus on the development and commercialization of leading edge product and process technologies.  Environment, energy, health and productivity applications are being targeted as areas of special interest.  Many of the state-of-the-art features embedded in the technologies used by Unitel were developed at Xytel-Bechtel.

The strength of experience enables Unitel to be involved in strategic development & commercialization. The company can bring together the appropriate technical and scientific expertise to overcome the uncertainty and problems encountered in developing and commercializing new product and new process technologies.  With its core of highly skilled professionals, supported by alliances, affiliates, universities and consultants, Unitel is currently working on a number of projects and implementation opportunities.

Unitel’s primary technical strengths are in process development, controls, thermodynamics, heat transfer, reactor design, catalysis, pilot plant design, frugal heuristic modeling, engineering and construction. The company also possesses exceptional capabilities in extraction processes of natural remedies for the health industry.

The company identifies and develops promising technologies, which are then driven towards commercialization. The marketing strategy is to attract, enhance, promote and support these emerging technologies as they address specific businesses.

the background

The Group was established by Serge Randhava and Dr. Ravi Randhava in 1974. By 1984, Xytel was widely recognized as the world’s leading designer and builder of first-of-a-kind pilot and commercial plants. This approach required a unique set of capabilities. Subsequent expansion of the Group included the formation of the following ventures:

  • Xytel-Bechtel in Houston, Texas -A partnership with Bechtel, Inc.
  • Xytel Europe in The Netherlands -A partnership with Tebodin/HBG.
  • Xytel Energy in Canada -Now doing business as Zeton.
  • Xytel India in Pune -A partnership with Davy Powergas based in Mumbai.
  • Strategic Alliance with SINOPEC in The People's Republic of China.
  • Strategic Alliance with Mitsubishi in Japan.
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